Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have an awesome photographer and videographer, but no place yet to actually get married! So frustrated...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I need help

or a personal shopper, or something.

I went today to get some more clothes for work, since the 'I'm a student who always wears jeans and a hoodie' look won't work at my internship and I would have to start repeating clothes way too soon without acquiring some more. I spent at least 4 hours at the mall and various other stores and ended up with one pair of pants. One. And I can't even wear them because I have no brown shoes. And I think I may also be without any tops to go with them, but I'm not sure because I have, for some reason, no idea what goes with brown pants.

Dillards had a ton of stuff 50-75% off, and I still got nothing. Except 4 t-shirts, a hoodie, and coat all for Doug! I tried on at least 6+ shirts and 10+ pairs of pants in Dillards alone. I did find about 5 suits that I really liked, but my office is definitely too business casual for any of them. Is it weird that I kind of hope to get a suit-wearing job so I don't have to deal with this ever?

Is it possible that I am just not a business casual girl, that I can only comfortably live within the casual and suit realms?

Shopping advice, I need it. Or someone to just take my credit card and deal with this for me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looks like I might like him, huh?

This was at his cousin's wedding last June, just posted by his father (don't know how I feel about Dad's on fb, btw).

Trisha, I promise you are next, I've got to make sure I can give your pics the attention which they deserve and I most definitely don't have, as I am now facing what is quite possibly my longest to-do list eva.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Finally got the camera battery

and now I have no time to use my camera! (and I really should be doing homework and not posting)

If a reception location has been difficult to work with but has great natural light, is it worth it to deal with them?

I have full faith that Clary can get beautiful pictures like this one regardless of the light situation...

but shouldn't I do whatever I can to help her?

So, should I book with the frustrating "keepers of the good light," as I have affectionately nicknamed them?

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