Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BM dress update

Since I will be travelling out to KC in a few weeks for an "I need a break from regular life sister bonding weekend," I thought I would see what bridal shops carry Dessy dresses out there.

Shop #1 - No e-mail (boo!), no answer to my call, no voicemail! Fail.

Shop #2 - Their response: "How many girls would be ordering from us?" They proceed to say that they have no idea if they have a dress in the right color, because they have too many dresses to keep track. What!?! Way to go KC's self-professed "finest bridal atelier!" Fail.

Shop #3 - Finally, someone sane! They have a dress in the color and welcomed us to come view it! And they said they would love to help us with anything else we need! Woohoo! When I go out there, we will definitely be making a stop and after that I fully expect to post a glowing review of how much I love them!


Trisha March 31, 2009 at 12:36 PM  

You should at least buy your veil or something from Store #3, just because they were so nice! ;)
j/k haha

I hope your trip is a success.

Have fun in KC! :)

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