Thursday, March 19, 2009

More dress problems :)

If Express didn't make the only jeans and dress pants that fit me perfectly, I so would not be friends with them anymore.

My sister and I went shopping on Saturday for two dresses since I have graduation and a wedding the following day in early May. We found one at Macy's which I bought and another at Express which I had to order because they didn't have the color and size I wanted in stock at the store.

Yesterday I get an e-mail saying sorry, but we don't have that great dress you absolutely must have for graduation.

Thoughts about this one as a replacement for the May 9th wedding? It is by Alex Marie and I know Dillard's has one in stock because I tried it on Saturday. My sister and I already discussed that it needs a little sweater to accompany it.

Maybe I am just not meant to wear dresses of any kind? :)

Up next, my answers to some interesting questions!


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