Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Cat

I have just spent at least an hour looking at posts on Ihasahotdog. Pictures of puppies with hilarious captions always make me happy. This particular one struck a chord with me because our cat is the reason that I can't have a dog.

When I met Doug's cat Ace, (although all we call him is cat) I think I, being a major dog fan, was somewhat predisposed not to like him. And for a long time I didn't. He didn't appreciate my presence in his house and was pretty grumpy. I didn't like that he wasn't interested in any sort of bonding activity. Cats just aren't friendly like dogs are, and for a lifelong dog owner, this was hard for me to accept.

In the last three years, we have developed a relationship of tolerance and sometimes affection. We had him front declawed so that I no longer get hurt when he decides he is in a fighting mood. And I have even come to accept the fact that the times he chooses to be affectionate will never be at a time convenient to the humans.

So, that just leaves one thing. He hates dogs. Near Memorial Day last year, we went to the local humane society (Please opt to adopt) and got a beagle mix who ended up only spending one night with us. When the cat met the dog, a completely different side of our sleeps-22-hours-a-day feline was revealed. We honestly thought that, if given the chance, the cat would kill. Their first interaction included the cat going straight for the poor dog's neck with his teeth and claws. We kept them separated and returned the dog the next day. We just didn't have the time then to properly deal with getting it to work between them. I think I cried almost that whole day.

Since then I have been reading about how to acclimate dogs and cats and have been working on a plan. We have agreed to wait for a second try until we are able to move to a bigger house with a fenced in yard so that each animal will be able to have plenty of space. However, that has unfortunately not stopped me from pining with every adorable dog I see.


Trisha April 5, 2009 at 11:09 AM  

HEY, hey, hey now. . . you can't go generalizing the fact that ALL cats aren't friendly, because I happen to have one of the most FRIENDLIEST cats ever. He really is kinda like a dog. :P

Jesse was one of the most friendliest ones too! :(

I will forgive you, just this once. hehe ;)

Jamie April 5, 2009 at 6:06 PM  

Does he give lessons? I'm willing to bribe him with treats of his choice! :)

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