Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a good weekend!

I had a fabulous weekend for four reasons. In no particular order:

1) No Halo! Doug's primary Halo buddies (my brother in law and their mutual friend) were both otherwise occupied this weekend and I have not seen a single bubble shield, battle rifle, or energy sword since Thursday! More Doug and Jamie time and no Halo makes me a happy girl.

2) Dinner and a movie with my best friend Alyssa! I didn't think I was going to get to see her so soon after she moved, but she came back to take care of a few errands and Doug and I enjoyed a fab evening with her and her boyfriend Jeff. (Sidenote: Night at the Museum 2 is pretty cute, but I think I was more excited about the Harry Potter trailer that came before the movie. Half Blood Prince opens in 46 days in case you were wondering.)

3) Bonding time with mom! My dad had to go to my high school's graduation and mom came down and went shopping with me. I love anytime spent with her because she is an awesome mom and a great friend.

4) For the last few weeks, my friend Jessica and I have been doing what we call "imaginary shopping." We have repeatedly filled countless imaginary online shopping bags with clothes that we wanted but had no money to buy. Today, mom and I went shopping and while I didn't buy everything on my virtual list, let's just say I might have enough new stuff to last me the whole week! (Sidenote: Thank you AE for bringing back your Artist jeans!)

Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend!


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