Monday, July 27, 2009

To puppeh or not to puppeh?

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I have mentioned at least once here how much I want to have a dog. While there were a few years of my life that there wasn't a dog in my house growing up, they are too far back for me to remember. Over the last few weeks, many people in my life have been getting themselves adorable puppehs (or in the case of Stephanie, an adorable and extremely comical rescue) and it has reignited my pining for one of my own. The weekly-ish visits with my "parents" dog just aren't cutting it anymore.

So, Doug and I have been discussing it and have come to the decision that it might be a good time to get a dog. I currently have my eye on both a cute beagle mix puppeh or a 3 year old Westie (the breed I grew up with) girl that is being retired from breeding. However, I can't seem to commit to this decision.

What is holding me back you ask? I have no idea but one minute I am gung ho and excited about getting a dog and the next I'm worried about the cat's reaction and how it will change our routine. My good friend Sarah told me that it is as simple as one question: "Will this puppeh enhance your quality of life?" But is it that simple? And so, dear internets, I ask you to please give me both your pros and cons on this issue so I can add to my confusion. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

One exam down and 300 days to go

In non-wedding news, I am one less exam away from my CPA certificate, provided I passed the section I took this afternoon. No rest for the weary though, my corporate tax class final is Wednesday and then one month from now is my second CPA section.

In wedding related news, we are officially 300 days out from getting married! Considering the fact that our engagement will be close to 2.5 years long, this is exciting! In honor of this, here are some pictures of us by Seelen Photography. The purpose of this shoot was to get the perfect picture to solve my Save the Date problem I discussed a while ago, so look for a post soliciting more opinions on that topic after I get all the pictures. Since I will be entrenched in the aforementioned CPA studying until November, I wanted to get them out during September because it is the only month I am only studying and not testing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random bits of advice I could use right now

Wedding related

1)What is the best way for one to get a hard to reach chaplain at a private university to return one's call in a timely manner? This dude must have a ridiculously leisurely job because every time Stephanie calls he is "on vacation." Seriously, the guy has been on vacation for like three months and it is driving both Stephanie and I crazy. One time that she did get through to him, he said "I guess you two are anxious about this?" she said yes and apparently that has not changed his behavior.

Not wedding related

2)Is last minute pre-exam cramming of information ever effective? I am taking my first CPA exam on Saturday and I honestly feel as if any studying between now and then wont help me. I've been studying for a month, isn't that enough? Any CPA exam tips are welcome too, as I know a large portion of my audience is in the accounting field. :)

3)What are the best ways to keep your mind off of the fact that you are waiting to hear back from your dream employer about an interview you had for your dream position? You would think this whole CPA studying thing would be enough to do it, but it's not. I would so trade a failure of my CPA exam section as well as give up on the chapel in order to get this job.

I will be back to posts about the wedding after July 29 (summer class final exam), I promise.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Help, please!

In honor of my two different interviews this week, what's the toughest question you have been asked?

P.S. Any other interview advice is welcome.

P.S.S. Any good thoughts thrown my way would be appreciated too! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Doug loves cake...

but I could care less. I mean, I love to look at them and definitely will enjoy having a pretty one at our wedding. I love to watch them being made and could probably watch a combo of Ace of Cakes, Food Network Cake Challenges, and Cake Boss for an entire day. However, I may not have more than the "ceremonial" bite on our day. What can I say? I hate buttercream icing and have barely any more interest in the cake part. Doug and my's typical routine at any cake having functions is for me to eat as much of the cake without eating icing and then he finishes it or I skip the cake altogether. Weird, I know. Therefore, the cake flavors will be one decision that I will probably have little input on. Doug, on the other hand, can't wait for our cake tasting.

I do, though, know what it will look like. For this one, my inspiration comes from Lauren and Mike's gorgeous cake (photo by the Browers.) This cake is so pretty that it almost makes me think that I would actually like to eat some of it. I'm guessing this one feeds quite a few more than we will need to feed, so it will be a scaled down version of this one with pink ribbon instead of green. I bought the perfect pink ribbon a few weeks ago and am at least very excited that we will have a beautiful cake even if I don't eat much of it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Montréal anyone?

In case you haven't noticed, my blog title is not in English. "À toi, pour toujours" is French for "Yours forever." I spent almost four years in school (a high school and college combo) studying French and I love to read about French culture.

Unfortunately, a European honeymoon is not in the budget. My dream of walking the streets of Paris and seeing real life versions of the pictures in my French books is on hold. And I'm ok with that, but then where to go?

The other day I was reading an issue of Modern Bride and it made suggestions for destinations that are similar to popular-but-more-pricey locations such as my Paris dream. And that is where Montréal comes in. I'll be the first to admit that Canada isn't exactly in the forefront of most couples' honeymoon discussions, but it just might be the answer.

French-speaking? Yes.

Historical? Yes.

Less expensive? You bet.

And it is closer too, meaning no suffering through an 8 hour flight. (I'm not an air travel fan, to say the least.)

So, anyone been? I've never been to any part of Canada. Would love to hear your thoughts on this alternative and especially any Canada experiences-good or bad!

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