Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random bits of advice I could use right now

Wedding related

1)What is the best way for one to get a hard to reach chaplain at a private university to return one's call in a timely manner? This dude must have a ridiculously leisurely job because every time Stephanie calls he is "on vacation." Seriously, the guy has been on vacation for like three months and it is driving both Stephanie and I crazy. One time that she did get through to him, he said "I guess you two are anxious about this?" she said yes and apparently that has not changed his behavior.

Not wedding related

2)Is last minute pre-exam cramming of information ever effective? I am taking my first CPA exam on Saturday and I honestly feel as if any studying between now and then wont help me. I've been studying for a month, isn't that enough? Any CPA exam tips are welcome too, as I know a large portion of my audience is in the accounting field. :)

3)What are the best ways to keep your mind off of the fact that you are waiting to hear back from your dream employer about an interview you had for your dream position? You would think this whole CPA studying thing would be enough to do it, but it's not. I would so trade a failure of my CPA exam section as well as give up on the chapel in order to get this job.

I will be back to posts about the wedding after July 29 (summer class final exam), I promise.


Sarah July 23, 2009 at 8:17 PM  

since i am not in accounting i will answer your question...i gave up studying for the GRE 4 days before i took it. its a different test but still i don't think its gonna do much. but you do have a pretty amazing brain so maybe it will...

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