Saturday, August 22, 2009

My boy is so handy

I big puffy heart having a fiance who is wickedly mechanically inclined. I never have to worry about car maintenance or house maintenance. He has now single-handedly saved my various family members from spending many many dollars to fix things that need not cost so much to fix if he does it himself. Just yesterday my car got new rotors and a few weeks ago he saved my dad from spending the money both to tow a car and fix it.

While in many aspects the fact that Doug got laid off in April has been an inconvenience, there is one area it hasn't: finishing all of the random house projects we had talked about. Since he has been off we have gotten: a new back porch (and soon to be front too), new steel entry doors, "revised" landscaping, new siding, a redone bathroom, and a redone dining room.

So, speaking of that dining room. It used to be purple. I kid you not, it was a lavender-faux finished delight that could only come from the previous owners using it as a little girl's bedroom and not a dining room. I am so sorry to say that the before pictures looked gray when uploaded to blogger, for I know you all would revel in getting to see the lavender amazing-ness. We (sort of) use it as an office, so we decided to paint it gray.And then one night we were talking about how we needed more storage and the next day I came home from work to this masterpiece:Seriously, how lucky am I? Doug's handiness and work ethic are only two of the many reasons that I love him as much as I do. I am actually a little sad that I will have to leave it when Doug gets another job and we are able to move.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wall hanging and diploma fail.

According to the level, the picture hangers on this wall are in a completely straight line.Crooked early 1900's wall fail.

Oh, and those two frames on the bottom you ask? Yep those are the inserts that came in the frame. They will eventually hold my two diplomas. But you graduated in May, right? Yes, I did, but I still do not have my diplomas! Talk about efficiency.

Gorgeous glass vases hand blown in Poland for more than 60% off?Yes, dear Target, I think I will.We can use these on wedding day, right Stephanie? Either way $200+ in glass for less than $60!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jamie's Great Day Part 3: An awesome concert and an unexpected random wedding check

First off, if you don't currently listen to Edwin McCain go buy some of his music right now. And not just "I'll Be" or "I Could Not Ask For More"- there is way more to this great artist than those two songs. If you don't like it, I will pay you back, but I seriously don't expect that to happen. My wonderful Friday ended at The Pageant with my dad for an Edwin McCain concert. Once again, Edwin did not disappoint. The money we spend to see him every year is always by far some of the best money we spend all year. He is a great entertainer with great songs and a great band and he puts on an awesome show every time.

So about that unexpected wedding check. I had always thought that my dad and I would be dancing to a song by either Styx or REO Speedwagon because we have seen them every summer for 9 years. They are some of our favorite concerts to see, and let me tell you we have seen a lot. One of my dad's college bands even opened for REO in Champaign, IL when REO was a $150/night band! So there I am thinking I have that planned already and then Edwin comes on stage and sings a new song he has coming out this fall. And by the end I am all teary eyed and know that Edwin has changed what I thought was my plan. This video is only an excerpt of the song when Edwin was on the Bob and Tom show, but I know you will understand why when you listen to him sing it.

And so, dear Edwin, you have changed my plan as only you could. Thanks for the great song to dance to with my daddy on my wedding day (and the accompanying tears) and thanks for coming to St. Louis and helping end my perfect Friday. Please come back soon. Oh, and please go to KC as my lovely older sister would love to see you too! Thanks and all my love, Jamie

Jamie's Great Day Part 2: A life lesson and what the e-mail should have said

So, in the middle of July I mentioned in this post and this post that I was interviewing for a position I really wanted to get. It met all of the qualities I considered for my ideal position. It was with a major St. Louis manufacturer. It was a rotational development program where I would get to learn about several accounting areas during my first few years. And I could ultimately end up in cost accounting (where my greatest accounting interests are) relatively easily. My interview went great and I thought I had made a great connection in my conversation with the guy in charge of the department I was interviewing with. As with other jobs I had interviewed for that I wanted, I began praying that it was not only my opinion, but God's will that I get this position. This time, though, I probably prayed more than I ever had.

Well at the end of July I got the dreaded "we've gone with someone else" e-mail. One sentence that crushed me then and had crushed me several times before. But this time was a bit different. Instead of my usual mopey response, I accepted it and moved on. I told God that I understood the position wasn't where I was supposed to be and even began pursuing another position that, while sufficient, wasn't where my heart was. And I'm guessing that new response to an unanswered prayer made all the difference.

Friday afternoon I got an e-mail and a voice mail from the department head that I had had the great connection with. Was I still interested in the position? Apparently, my one-sentence rejection e-mail should have told me that I was one of the top candidates they interviewed. They had been instructed to try to hire from within first and they would still like to hire me if they got a chance in the near future. Not exactly the message I got from the first e-mail, but as I told the department head, I certainly was happy to get it now!

And what have I gained from this experience? Sure, I was told to expect a job offer on Monday and that's freaking spectacular. But more importantly I've also gotten a nice reminder from God that when I put my trust in him, he will provide me with exactly what I need, whether it's what I think I need or not.

Up next, part 3 of my great day!

Jamie's Great Day Part 1: How it Started

I passed my first CPA exam part! One down, and three more to go!

This was only the beginning of the best day I have had in a long time and thus at least two more posts are to come.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Registry Stalking Intervention

While responding earlier this evening to a message from my MOH about my bridal shower, I went and checked to see if Doug and I had registered for enough items that would fit a particular "theme" (term used loosely) being considered.

And so I was innocently counting these items when I stumbled upon that dangerous little phrase "Still need: zero" and I about fell out of my chair. Doug and I had registered for two items that we honestly didn't expect to get. To not jinx us, I will just hint that they are 1) a cleaning appliance and 2) a baking tool coveted by almost all the fab brides on the wedding board I frequent.

I can see how this registry checking thing is going to get me into trouble. First, very few people, to my knowledge, know where we are registered. After all, our wedding is still not for another 250+ days. We have not even sent save-the-dates (post about that to come soon) yet and as I mentioned earlier in this post, a shower is just in the most beginning of thought processes! Second, we didn't even entertain the idea of actually receiving either of these items! So, armed with all of this knowledge my mind is too busy wondering about this mystery item and its possible purchasers to study the module on Audit and Attestation Evidence that needs to get in my brain as I prepare for CPA section 2 on August 29th.

I need a registry stalking intervention! Past brides, those currently dealing with this issue, and anyone else with thoughts, please help!

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