Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jamie's Great Day Part 3: An awesome concert and an unexpected random wedding check

First off, if you don't currently listen to Edwin McCain go buy some of his music right now. And not just "I'll Be" or "I Could Not Ask For More"- there is way more to this great artist than those two songs. If you don't like it, I will pay you back, but I seriously don't expect that to happen. My wonderful Friday ended at The Pageant with my dad for an Edwin McCain concert. Once again, Edwin did not disappoint. The money we spend to see him every year is always by far some of the best money we spend all year. He is a great entertainer with great songs and a great band and he puts on an awesome show every time.

So about that unexpected wedding check. I had always thought that my dad and I would be dancing to a song by either Styx or REO Speedwagon because we have seen them every summer for 9 years. They are some of our favorite concerts to see, and let me tell you we have seen a lot. One of my dad's college bands even opened for REO in Champaign, IL when REO was a $150/night band! So there I am thinking I have that planned already and then Edwin comes on stage and sings a new song he has coming out this fall. And by the end I am all teary eyed and know that Edwin has changed what I thought was my plan. This video is only an excerpt of the song when Edwin was on the Bob and Tom show, but I know you will understand why when you listen to him sing it.

And so, dear Edwin, you have changed my plan as only you could. Thanks for the great song to dance to with my daddy on my wedding day (and the accompanying tears) and thanks for coming to St. Louis and helping end my perfect Friday. Please come back soon. Oh, and please go to KC as my lovely older sister would love to see you too! Thanks and all my love, Jamie

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