Saturday, August 22, 2009

My boy is so handy

I big puffy heart having a fiance who is wickedly mechanically inclined. I never have to worry about car maintenance or house maintenance. He has now single-handedly saved my various family members from spending many many dollars to fix things that need not cost so much to fix if he does it himself. Just yesterday my car got new rotors and a few weeks ago he saved my dad from spending the money both to tow a car and fix it.

While in many aspects the fact that Doug got laid off in April has been an inconvenience, there is one area it hasn't: finishing all of the random house projects we had talked about. Since he has been off we have gotten: a new back porch (and soon to be front too), new steel entry doors, "revised" landscaping, new siding, a redone bathroom, and a redone dining room.

So, speaking of that dining room. It used to be purple. I kid you not, it was a lavender-faux finished delight that could only come from the previous owners using it as a little girl's bedroom and not a dining room. I am so sorry to say that the before pictures looked gray when uploaded to blogger, for I know you all would revel in getting to see the lavender amazing-ness. We (sort of) use it as an office, so we decided to paint it gray.And then one night we were talking about how we needed more storage and the next day I came home from work to this masterpiece:Seriously, how lucky am I? Doug's handiness and work ethic are only two of the many reasons that I love him as much as I do. I am actually a little sad that I will have to leave it when Doug gets another job and we are able to move.


Trisha August 23, 2009 at 1:51 PM  

Does he know how to fix a car window that won't roll up all the way - which is STILL duct taped? haha

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