Friday, January 22, 2010

Only four months left!

Boy has it been a long time since I've posted!  This is actually my first post of 2010!  That's not to say that I haven't tried before now but unfortunately CPA studying has gotten in the way. (lame, I know.)

Since we are getting married exactly four months (!) from today, I thought a wedding planning status update might be appropriate.

Items we should have done already

Settle on a budget 
- Done, and by my estimation we will be significantly under!
Create a wedding binder
- I don't exactly have a binder but I do have a folder as well as a box. (actually by now it is several boxes. :)
Hire wedding planner, if needed
- Done, she was one of the first vendors I booked and is mentioned repeatedly in my wedding related posts here.
Decide on a guest list, compile addresses
- This did not come without some fighting and frustration, but done.
Secure venues & date 
- This too was frustrating and not easy but is done.
Select wedding party 
- Done from the very beginning, I always knew the three awesome girls I would want!
Book ceremony music, DJ or band 
- I finally just did this yesterday, four months late according to OneWed.
Book photographer
- Done, and would have been my first vendor booked if I could have booked her any more than 18 months out!
Book videographer -
Done for a long time as well.
Book florist -
I'm loving having a florist in my new family to be!
Plan & book honeymoon -
When Doug got rehired from the layoff at his job, he wasn't allowed to get his vacation back so the jury is still out on whether we will be going anywhere.
Book caterer 
- Comes with the reception site and we will be having our tasting in February!
Book officiant or clergy 
- Done, we specifically chose a ceremony site that would allow the pastor from my home church.
Select invitations & stationery -
Many posts to come on my DIY invitations plans.
Mail save-the-date cards
- Created, labeled, and mailed.
Find & order "the" dress
- Oh the drama on this one.  See my collected works.
Develop a fitness plan
- Constant task, down 9.5 pounds so far, but what I'm really interested in is toning.  Strength training here I come.
Buy shoes, veil & jewelry -
Shoes, done and post to come.  Jewelry, done and post to come.  Jury is still out on the veil question.
Register for gifts
- Done, Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond.
Order tuxes -
No tuxes for us, Doug's suit is bought with each groomsman's to follow soon.
Order bridesmaids' dresses -
Done, to arrive March 15th. Somehow can't link to the post  but it was on 6/16/09.
Order cake
- Baker is booked, tasting to come, already know the general design.
Reserve wedding night accommodations
- We will probably stay at home?
Secure wedding day transportation -
I know what Doug and I will be taking and everyone else is on their own.
Secure rehearsal dinner venue -
Done, cute restaurant open just for us a few blocks from the chapel!
Schedule salon & spa appointments -
Was done, until my wonderful Maid of Honor and sister Kristi changed her mind about growing out her hair.  Will be calling and begging to fit her in my stylist's schedule. :)
Pick a signature wedding scent -
No clue.
Purchase rings -
I'm not sure if we will be getting me another ring but we need to go look for Doug soon.
Order favors -
This will probably be a donation to animal shelter where we got our girl Halo.
Make your "must play" and "do not play" song lists -
I know two songs, need to work on this but I'm going to use the just-booked-the-dj-today excuse for now.

Items not "due" yet

Write vows, select readings
- Vows, done.  Readings to come.
Plan day-of timeline -
Bits and pieces done.
Have dress fitting
- Have appointment February 13th.
Mail wedding invitations

Send photo wish list to photographer
- Clary totally doesn't need this except for our family groups which I hope to keep to a minimum.
Mail rehearsal dinner invitations

Submit newspaper wedding announcement -
Sort of not happening since I discovered the paper where Doug and I live charges $100!  My hometown newspaper submission (for free!) is in progress.
Test make-up application -
Really need to talk to Jenn about this one.
Obtain marriage license, request copies -
Got the application info and is on my list for May.
Print programs

Buy wedding party gifts
- 25% complete.
Assign seats -
Sort of dreading this one unless I pawn most of it off on our parents.  My practice attempt was a disaster
Make seating cards, menus 



Nicole January 24, 2010 at 5:41 PM  

i love your photographer!! we did a donation to Human Society... check it out over at my blog..we used moo cards... looks like you are doing awesome with the check list!!!

kanishk January 25, 2010 at 3:02 AM  

, I hope you can get one some day!

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Geezees Custom Canvas Art February 25, 2010 at 11:20 PM  

assigning seats was my least fav ... it is amazing at all the things a bride has to do .. wow ...

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