Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting the boy involved

I have had a daily ritual of reading countless wedding related blogs for the last 2+ years.  I cannot even tell you how many times I have mentioned one thing or another that I saw on said blogs to Doug and asked him whether he could do this project or that project.  I never got a "no" and I usually got a "yes" or a "probably."  So imagine my surprise when I asked Doug to accompany me on a shopping trip to get the supplies for one of these previously discussed projects and he had zero idea what I was talking about!  (To be completely honest, I wasn't really at all surprised and since he re-agreed to help I didn't care.)

And so here is the first of several projects I had planned for my future husband - our DIY card box.

He looks extremely excited that I documented this for the ol' blog, doesn't he?

And so four white frames, a ton of L brackets, a lazy susan, and 8 gorgeous engagement pictures later, we have this.  Our cute rotating, card box!

The spinning base has since been painted white, but the card box is being temporarily stored at my parents' house and I didn't get a picture before the transfer.

 Lessons Learned:
1) Give specific directions.  I actually envisioned the frames going in the opposite direction, but I didn't explain it clearly enough and didn't realize what was happening until it was all put together.  I think, though, that this one was a happy accident because I more easily found pictures I liked that were in portrait orientation. 
2) Getting him involved is important to me but the important detail to him is that we are getting married, not the random DIY projects I ask about.  And that's ok, but I'm still going to keep asking his opinion and help on many things between now and May 22!  :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

They're here, they're here!

I was able to pick my girls' dresses up yesterday - a month ahead of schedule!!  And they are exactly what I imagined they would be!  Except, I guess one thing.  I'm guessing you can tell from this picture that I have no idea how to work the sashes.  They are supposed to be tied in a bow on the right side of the front, but clearly I failed.  The sashes are seriously like 10 feet long and I just couldn't work them.  I'm guessing that not having a real person in the dress didn't help.  Officially added to the to do list: figure out the sashes!  Also, don't tell Doug but I will be making him put his suit on to see how it looks with the dress and make a decision about ties. :)

There have been lots of other developments on the wedding front lately that I have a mental list to blog about, but for now we will stick with items I have pictures of.

Girls' shoes, check!

Boys' shoes, check!

My first dress fitting, check!  Now don't expect a full picture here, but I think a sneak peek might be ok.

If I didn't already know we were getting really close to this wedding (94 days!)  I think I could tell by one or a combination of these things:
1) The aforementioned list of checks and appointments
2) The ever growing list of wedding related tasks accumulating on a multitude of post its in my purse, on my work desk, on our coffee table...
3) The no less than half a dozen wedding related e-mails I sent to my mom today in a very stream of consciousness fashion, for real my mom probably thought she was reading some William Faulkner :)

My CPA exam prep blog deprivation period will end Saturday so next week I promise posts on Doug's ring, invitation challenges, my super cute shower invites made by my MOH, the great suit debate, and my first vendor review of the jewelry I purchased for my girls!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh my, 100 days!

We are now under 100 days!  The only word I can think of to describe this is terrifying.  So many things to do.  My first dress fitting is in the morning, our tasting is in two weeks, our first meeting with our pastor should be this month (although I haven't scheduled it yet) and the parts of endless wedding related projects await me finding time for assembly...

This week also began my quest for some serious toning in my arms.  I have already been doing Turbo Sculpt about once a week since I succumbed to one of those late night infomercials a couple years ago, but now it's time to really step it up.  Therefore in addition to adding a second or third Turbo Sculpt a week I am also trying out this workout specifically for strapless dress toning.  I thought typing "strapless dress workout" into Google was a crazy idea, but why should I be surprised- you can find everything through Google!  Tonight was a bit of an adventure trying to get my form and coordination right for the various moves in this, but I think it will be good once I get the hang of it.

Now I want to be careful not to sound like that infomercial I saw a few years ago, but definitely check out Chalene Johnson's website!  I absolutely love the Turbo workouts that I bought and can only imagine that I will also like her other selections when I find the time and the money to get them.  Chalene always talks about finding your soul mate workout as the best way to find yourself wanting to work out.  She is totally right and Turbo certainly is one of my soul mate workouts.  I just wish it was offered at a club near me so I could try it sometime with people that aren't on the dvd! :)

Anyone out there have good suggestions for getting my arms ready for May 22nd?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

If only it were this easy...

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Taking the Audit section of the CPA exam two weeks from today.  After narrowly missing a passing score last time, I have broken out the big guns this time.  It also helps that I now work for an awesome company who will finance these big guns, of course. :)

I went the self study route the first time because there was no way that these ($3,000) big guns were in my budget at that time.  Do I feel in anyway more prepared?  I'm not sure.  I think that anyone who has experienced this CPA exam challenge would agree with me that it's impossible to ever really feel prepared.

I do know three things though.
1) I've already studied a ridiculous amount and am extremely tired of all topics audit but..
2) Starting tomorrow, you will find me studying at least 3 hours of each day between now and the 20th and..
3) I would love to try this osmosis kitten's method of study.

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