Wednesday, February 17, 2010

They're here, they're here!

I was able to pick my girls' dresses up yesterday - a month ahead of schedule!!  And they are exactly what I imagined they would be!  Except, I guess one thing.  I'm guessing you can tell from this picture that I have no idea how to work the sashes.  They are supposed to be tied in a bow on the right side of the front, but clearly I failed.  The sashes are seriously like 10 feet long and I just couldn't work them.  I'm guessing that not having a real person in the dress didn't help.  Officially added to the to do list: figure out the sashes!  Also, don't tell Doug but I will be making him put his suit on to see how it looks with the dress and make a decision about ties. :)

There have been lots of other developments on the wedding front lately that I have a mental list to blog about, but for now we will stick with items I have pictures of.

Girls' shoes, check!

Boys' shoes, check!

My first dress fitting, check!  Now don't expect a full picture here, but I think a sneak peek might be ok.

If I didn't already know we were getting really close to this wedding (94 days!)  I think I could tell by one or a combination of these things:
1) The aforementioned list of checks and appointments
2) The ever growing list of wedding related tasks accumulating on a multitude of post its in my purse, on my work desk, on our coffee table...
3) The no less than half a dozen wedding related e-mails I sent to my mom today in a very stream of consciousness fashion, for real my mom probably thought she was reading some William Faulkner :)

My CPA exam prep blog deprivation period will end Saturday so next week I promise posts on Doug's ring, invitation challenges, my super cute shower invites made by my MOH, the great suit debate, and my first vendor review of the jewelry I purchased for my girls!

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